RVing, or recreational vehicle traveling, offers the chance to experience the open road and the serenity of nature while carrying the comforts of home with you. Whether you’re nestled among towering redwoods or parked alongside a tranquil river, spending a day in your RV in the woodside can be a unique experience.  

5 Best Tips to Enjoy an RV Woodside Day 

Here are five tips to make the most of your RV resort and woodside day. 

1. Choose the Perfect Spot: 

Your RV experience can be significantly influenced by your choice of location. The idea is to find a balance between seclusion and accessibility. While it’s tempting to seek out the remotest corner for peace, ensure you’re within reach of essential amenities or landmarks. 

When researching spots, consider: 

  • Proximity to hiking trails or natural attractions. 
  • Level ground for parking. 
  • The distance from the nearest town or supply store. 
  • Available facilities, if any, such as water, electricity, or Wi-Fi. 

2. Incorporate Outdoor Activities: 

An RV woodside day shouldn’t confine you within the four walls of your vehicle. Engage with the surrounding nature. Here are some ideas: 

  • Nature Walks: Equip yourself with a field guide and go for a stroll. You can identify different plants, flowers, or bird species. 
  • Photography: The woodside is a photographer’s paradise. Capture the sun filtering through the trees, a sparkling stream, or the wildlife. 
  • Outdoor Cooking: Set up a barbecue or campfire (if allowed) and enjoy some grilled delights. 
  • Stargazing: Away from city lights, you’ll get a clear view of the stars. Lay down a blanket, and if you have them, set up binoculars or a telescope. 

3. Optimize Your RV Space: 

Given the compactness of most RVs, it’s essential to optimize your space, especially if you’re spending the entire day inside. 

  • Declutter: Keep only the essentials. Overpacking is a common mistake. Remember, you’re in nature to enjoy simplicity. 
  • Multi-purpose Items: Invest in items that serve multiple purposes – like a dining table that can be converted into a bed. 
  • Decor: Add personal touches to make the RV feel homely. Some fairy lights, comfortable cushions, or family photos can make a difference. 
  • Ventilation: Ensure your RV remains well-ventilated. Open windows to let in fresh woodside air and avoid feeling claustrophobic. 

4. Plan A Themed Day: 

To add a touch of fun, why not theme your RV woodside day? 

  • Book Day: Everyone dives into their favorite book and shares a summary or exciting snippet during dinner. 
  • Board Game Bonanza: Bring out classic board games or card games. The friendly competition will add laughter to the woodside ambience. 
  • Craft Day: Collect leaves, twigs, or flowers and engage in some nature-based craft activities. Maybe create a scrapbook of your RV journeys. 
  • Cooking Challenge: Everyone gets to prepare a dish with a specific ingredient. Enjoy a feast at the end of the day! 

5. Be Eco-Conscious: 

You’re in nature’s lap, and it’s essential to respect it. 

  • Minimize Waste: Try to reduce disposable items. Opt for reusable cutlery, plates, and glasses. 
  • Clean Up: Whatever you bring in, ensure you take it out. Leave no trash behind. 
  • Eco-friendly Products: Use biodegradable soaps and shampoos. This is especially important if you’re bathing in natural water sources. 
  • Wildlife: Admire from a distance. Avoid feeding or trying to touch wildlife. Remember, you’re in their home. 

Conclusion: 5 Best Tips to Enjoy an RV Woodside Day 

RV woodside day offers a blend of adventure and relaxation. The hum of the forest, the play of sunlight on leaves, and the comfort of your RV make it a unique experience. With a little planning and the spirit of exploration, you’re set to create unforgettable memories on your woodside retreat. Enjoy the journey and cherish the moments!